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  • 和尚好可爱呀连袈裟都好喜欢
  • 坊主かわいや袈裟までいとし
  • Bouzu Kawaiya Kesa made Itoshi
  • Bozu Kawai ya Kesa Made Itoshi
Honma akira
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You Are Reading Bouzu Kawai ya Kesa Made Itoshi in 365Manga Daimaru, the son of a Buddhist priest, meets Miroku, also son of a Buddhist priest, at a doujou for a 10-day stay to start his priesthood. They promise each other to shave their heads together when they take over their temples. Ten years later, Daimaru, who has become assistant to the chief priest of their temple, visits a beauty salon to get his head shaved. But there he is shocked to meet Miroku again who has become a hair stylist.
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