Faerie's Landing Korean Manhwa

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Alt name(s):
  • 天女降临
  • 선녀강림
  • Faeries Landing
  • Sun Nyu Gang Lim
Hyun you
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You Are Reading Faerie's Landing in 365Manga From Tokyopop: Welcome to Faeries' Landing, a place where the real world and the faerie realm collide. Sixteen-year-old Ryang doesn't realize that supernatural beings descend on his town at night, but when he stumbles on a group of faeries bathing, he ends up becoming guardian of Fanta, a grounded--and very fetching--faerie. Having an otherworldly babe hanging on you 24-7 doesn't sound so bad at first...but when Fanta’s rival curses Ryang, he is destined to encounter 108 doomed relationships...
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Nov 02, 2018 18:50:01


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