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  • 霊長類最強伝説ゴリ夫
Hamori takashi
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You Are Reading Gorio in 365Manga From Manga Freak: Kusaraki Masao is a normal 15 year-old boy. He goes to school, joined the soccer team, and dreams of a day when he can get a girlfriend. He's nice, gentle, and very, very shy with girls. And why is this Mr. Nice Guy still single? Well....um...he has a face that resembles a gorilla--hence the nickname--Gorio. Despite his best efforts, Gorio couldn't seem to find a girl who will look past his physical visage to the tender heart he has. Until he met Maki. Maki is hot, Maki is sexy, and Maki appears to be interested in Gorio!?
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Nov 02, 2018 15:02:50


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