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Alt name(s):
  • ハゲルヤ!
  • Growing up! Love comedy of hair restoration
Kitakawa touta
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You Are Reading Hageruya! in 365Manga From Shinnen: Shouta Tanaka is a high-schooler with an unusual problem; he’s going bald! Worried what his classmates will think, and how it will affect his future, things seem grim for Shouta. But then his biology teacher approaches him one day and states “I will find a cure for your baldness!” Could this really be answer for his problem? ------- Shota is only in high school but has been struggling with his thinning hair the past few years. He can’t tell his family or his best friend Sachio or even get the courage to ask out his crush Shinohara Ami because he is afraid she might find out his secret. Then one day, the clumsy science teacher Mai approaches him and offers to solve his hair problems. Shota is very skeptical at first and avoid her but as the issue gets worse, he desperately turns to Mai as a last ditch effort.
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Nov 02, 2018 14:54:32


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