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  • 花のアンドロイド学園
Kayama kifumi
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You Are Reading Hana no Android Gakuen in 365Manga About Android school (all girl school?) The students are the personification of Gadget/Device brands which use Android OS. The School teacher is Google-Sensei There also student from other school : Apple-Kun & RIM-Kun Cast of Character : 1.Adam Cupertino-Kun (Apple) 2.Kyoto Seira-Chan (Kyocera) 3.Fuji Tooru-Chan (Fujitsu) 4.Matsushita Hana-Chan (Panasonic) 5.Kashio Nao-Chan (Casio) 6.Hoshino Una-Chan (Samsung) 7.Hayakawa Mirai-Chan (Sharp) 8.Shinagawa Sonia-Chan (Sony Mobile Communication) 9.Taoyuan Shiina-Chan (HTC) 10.Motoki Laura-Chan (Motorolla) 11.Kinjo El-Chan (LG) 12.(Waifaa/Yuika) Yui Hana-Chan (Huawei) 13.(Jong Shin/Hiiragi Sachi) Holly Miyuki-Chan (ZTE) 14.Kuroki Rimu-Kun (Blackberry RIM)
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