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Alt name(s):
  • 半分は愛でできてます
  • Half is Made with Love
  • He Loves You
Sato zakuri
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You Are Reading Hanbun wa Ai de Dekitemasu in 365Manga Collection of oneshots. 1) Lifeless Life by KOMURA Ayumi 2) Fake x Fake by AIDA Natsumi 3) Kimi to Watashi no Kyoukaisen by SAKURANO Mika 4) Hadashi no Cinderella by HAZUKI Megumi 5) Kimi no Te to Hitomi to by TAJIMA Mimi 6) Hanbun wa Ai de Dekitemasu by SATO Zakuri Himari Wataya is maybe dating her senpai, Atari Hoshikawa. Hoshikawa is the top student of their school but he?s also well-known among the students as the the Super S (Sadist) ?Prince of Disdain?. What is she supposed to do when he teases her mercilessly and he?s always angry with her? When she?s pushed to the edge, Himari finds out that she might not be as submissive of an M (Masochist) as everyone assumes! (From Osuwari Team)
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Nov 02, 2018 14:45:40


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