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Alt name(s):
  • Heart Cafe
  • はとかふぇ
  • はと♡かふぇ
  • Cosplay咖啡廳
  • Hato Café
Gokugetsu momo
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You Are Reading Hatoko's Cafe in 365Manga This comic is about a cosplay cafe and the cute and loveable characters working there Webcomic RAW: http://www.comico.jp/articleList.nhn?titleNo=1672
Last updated:
Nov 02, 2018 14:38:54


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From Spoils: Kazuno is the store keeper of An, an Asian themed café, and recently she’s been dealing with some issues…namely one that’s a royal headache! When her father falls ill, protagonist Kazuno is determined to keep his café running in his absence. However, the girl is anything but café material. Heck, her coffee induces projectile vomiting (and who knows what else if it hits the GI tract)! Her only…

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