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Alt name(s):
  • ハートの国でお茶会
  • ハートの国でお茶会(ティーパーティー)
  • ハートの国でお茶会(ティーパーティー)
  • ハートの国でティーパーティー
  • 红桃国茶会
  • Heart no Kuni de Ocha Kai
  • Heart no Kuni de Tea Party
  • Tea Party in the Kingdom of Hearts
Furumiya kazuko
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You Are Reading Heart no Kuni de Ochakai in 365Manga [From Baka-Updates:] Minami does not get along with her fellow classmates. She is rich and full of pride, yet lonely with no friends. Her luck changes when the "rude and idiotic" Tomachi starts hanging around with her. One day, she sees a book and tells Tomachi, "Wonderland... wouldn't it be wonderful if we went?" Tomachi's answer and reaction surprises her as both go on a crazy journey... meeting all sorts of people and walking cards... Follow their journey down the rabbit hole...
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