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Alt name(s):
  • 引っ越してきました。お隣に
  • 隔壁的小恶狼
  • Hikkoshite Kimashita O Tonari Ni
  • Hikkoshite Kimashita Otonari Ni
  • I've moved next door to you
  • I've moved to next door to you
  • The Next Door I Moved To
Misasagi Fuhri
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You Are Reading Hikkoshite Kimashita. Otonari ni in 365Manga 1) 34 pages chapter about how Takumi came to live in the derelict apartment building. Not scanlated. 2-5) Takumi Kusunose is a man who loves the company of others and simply cannot abide being by himself. When he took responsibility for his company's losses by paying out of his own pocket, it nearly broke him. As a result, he was forced to move into a cheap apartment, but what happens when the sexy blonde guy next door begins making sexual advances at Takumi...?! And what happens when Takumi's former secretary shows up, turning Takumi and his neighbor's potential relationship into a love triangle?!
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