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  • ひねくれさくらに恋が咲く ; Dreamboast's How to Seduce ; Sometimes people say he hate what he really love. ; He's Mean Because He Likes You
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You Are Reading Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku in 365Manga Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku summary: "Yukihira's so cool! I love him! I wanna talk to him, touch him, kiss him, and be held by him!" Ever since he was a kid, Somei Sakura has always been told that he was cute. But one day, he falls in love at first sight in high school, to a guy they proclaim who's "cooler than Somei Sakura", Yukihira Tsubasa. Since then, he's had it in his head that as long as he continues looking adorable while hanging close to (stalking) Yukihira, that Yukihira will fall for him. He even managed to get into the same university as him, but hasn't worked up the courage to be upfront with Yukihira. But while he worries over that, one day, he ends up kissing Yukihira on impulse!
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