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Alt name(s):
  • ひんやり廊下、万華鏡
  • Icy Corridor
  • Kaleidoscope
Ike reibun
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You Are Reading Hinyari Rouka, Mangekyou in 365Manga 1) ) Icy Corridor, Kaleidoscope Kousa is staying after school to help Nagai Sensei with some data entry. One thing leads to another, and data isn't the only thing being entered. 2) The Two of Them At The End of The Corridor Continuation to the first story 3) A Bewildered Space Date Third year student Endou started a dating club (for finding good places to go on dates), but because he's considered the "Muddled Prince" he gets Hayanari, a ladies man to work with him. But are both Endou and Hayanari being totally honest in their intentions? 4)Total Reversal Continuation to the third story. 5) Am I Not Good Enough? Kuniharu's older brother Mitsu has just moved back home after breaking up with his live-in girlfriend. These boys have some unresolved issues to work out, but why bother talking about it when there are other ways to express your feelings...Incest warning! 6)Sleeping With Tears of Joy Continuation to the fifth story Plus Afterword
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Oct 30, 2018 16:02:56


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