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Alt name(s):
  • 北宋風雲伝
  • Justice Bao
  • Record of Northern Song Affairs
Takiguchi lingling
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You Are Reading Hokusou Fuuunden in 365Manga From the back cover (v1)- China, Northern Song Era (960 - 1127) In order to help a world of injustice, the Capital selects a new Official, Hou Jyou. With him is a master of military arts, Tenjou. Enjoy as they are challenged by various events! ~~~ The setting is an era of absolute corruption, when bribery, torture, and threats were the normal way of doing business in the government. Then comes forth a young, new Official - Hou Jyou - who challenges the corruption. Gifted by the previous Emperor with three beheading devices, he is charged with bringing justice back to the courts. Based on the historical figure of Justice Bao (Chinese reading of the name), who was said to be an incorruptible official, this is a light-hearted romp through ancient China as he and his assistants work against the corruption that has become the norm in the Imperial Courts. Reading direction - Right to Left
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