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  • (北斗の拳 リュウケン外伝) -THE JUDGEMENT DAY-
  • Hokuto no Ken Ryūken Gaiden THE JUDGEMENT DAY
  • Ryuken’s Story: The Judgement Day
Hiromoto shinichi
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You Are Reading Hokuto No Ken - Ryuken Gaiden in 365Manga A oneshot story about Kenshiro's sifu Ryuken and also the other adoptive brothers. Elaborates on how he chose the Hokuto Shinken successor and the events related to it. Gokuaku no Hana - Houkuto no Ken - Jagi Gaiden (Main Story) Hokuto no Ken (Adapted From) Shirogane no Seija - Hokuto no Ken Toki Gaiden (Main Story) Souten no Ken (Adapted From)
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