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  • Teacher and Student Anthology; 先生×生徒アンソロジー
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Sensei x Seito Anthology summary: An anthology of teacher-student romance:       You Are an Angel (きみは天使) by Ichikawa Natsuo     Ever-Growing Love (背伸びの恋) by Kawabe Ako     Gingerbread and Coffee (ジンジャーブレットとコーヒー) by Ayumi Imo     A Teacher-Student Battle (先生と生徒の攻防戦) by Koda     You Can't Stay Scared Forever (怖がってちゃ始まりませんよ) by Fujita Nagisa     Takane no Hana (高嶺の華) by Yumeno Tsubasa     Abandoned Love (みすてあい) by D Kissan     On the Rooftop (屋上にて) by Goumoto     Prank ~Shiota-sensei to Amai-chan~(イタズラ~塩田先生と雨井ちゃん~) by Nakatoka Kumiko

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